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As a professional manufacturer, Zhejiang Zhongling Precision Casting & Forging Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1999 with the specific purpose of serving the construction industry by offering concrete pump accessories, specifically, piping and all those components concerned with the delivery, interception, deviation and distribution of concrete.

High cost that result from maintenance of pump components is a constant source of worry for the user, and increasingly demanding situations that they must face. This has given us the opportunity over the years to prepare, develop most suitable components for users. We should like to thank all those who, with trust, have pushed our products in the way of widely used.

Our Main products:
ˇńDelivery pipes, Elbows and Reducers for concrete pump
ˇńCouplings, Gaskets and Weld-on collars
ˇńHoses, Clamps and Fittings
ˇńItem for cleaning pipes
ˇńDelivery cylinder
ˇńS-pipes and Pistons

Our Investment Precision Casting Products:
ˇńCarbon Steel Casting Parts
ˇńAlloy Steel Casting Parts
ˇńTool Steel Casting Parts
ˇńStainless Steel Casting Parts

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